Sedona's STR Boom:
The Smart Investor's Path to Premium Returns

Sedona’s STR market explosion, fueled by a surge in domestic travel and the quest for secluded luxury retreats, unlocks the most lucrative real estate opportunities in 2024…

Amidst a backdrop of evolving traveler preferences and a burgeoning demand for unique accommodation experiences, Sedona has transformed into the premier destination for discerning investors.

Capitalizing on this shift, “in-the-know” investors are positioning themselves for unprecedented returns, outpacing traditional real estate investments with remarkable margins.

Unlock Your Share in
Sedona's Thriving
STR Market

Dear investor,

Have you ever marveled at how America’s real estate elites consistently amass fortunes by zeroing in on the market’s most hidden gems?

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This report is your window into that world.

The wealthiest investors have a knack for pinpointing opportunities far removed from the mainstream chatter—ventures that remain decidedly “under the radar.”

To tap into these exclusive deals, one must think “outside the box.”

Arizona is a prime example of such an opportunity. Through this report, I will unveil WHY Arizona stands out as a beacon for investors seeking exceptional returns.

Build incredible wealth from being in the right place, at the right time…

My name is Chad McMahan, CEO and Managing Partner of Capital Giants. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to a pivotal piece of insight with this report.

A common theme emerges in conversations with investors who’ve hit the jackpot: impeccable timing was vital.

This report is designed to set the stage for what lies ahead…

To position you precisely where you need to be at the opportune moment. I’ll discuss two significant upcoming events…

Ensuring you’re primed to direct your capital into ventures that promise superior returns and grant you early access.

The advantage of being ahead cannot be overstated in the world of investing.

Take Marc, for example…

he purchased a single-family home in Sedona, Arizona, in April of 2021 for $549,000.

He put $54,000 down and financed $495,000.

He spent about $23,000 on minor improvements such as paint, repairs, new doors, and furnishings.

He rented it as a short-term rental and then sold it to a short term rental investor.

He received an off-market offer for $850,000 and closed in April 2022. His closing costs were about $16,000.

His cost basis was about $589,000.

Not including the rental income and profit, he made a profit of about $261,000.


Or take Marienne J. for instance…

She purchased a four-unit apartment complex in Phoenix, Arizona, in July 2020 for $341,000.

She put $86,000 down and financed $255,000.

She spent about $22,000 on paint, new water heaters, doors, and kitchen appliances. etc.

She received an offer she couldn’t refuse for $550,000 and closed in August 2021.

Her closing costs were about $35,000.

Profit of $152,000.


And then there’s Paul..

He purchased a four-unit apartment complex in Mesa, Arizona, in June 2020 for $434,000.

He put $99,000 down and financed $335,000.

He spent about $55,000 on paint, new water heaters, stucco repairs, roof and a/c, and laundry appliances. etc.

He received an offer he couldn’t refuse for $600,000 and closed in July 2021.

His closing costs were about $40,000.

His cost basis was about $529,000.

Profit of $71,000!



What makes this opportunity even more thrilling is the robust foundation that Arizona’s market rests upon.

The prospects for new investors are not just promising—they’re poised to eclipse the successes we’ve already seen.

This isn’t merely another investment trend; it’s a rare window of opportunity that discerning, informed investors are poised to leverage for unparalleled wealth accumulation in future years.

But before we dive into the exhilarating details of this emerging landscape…

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the organic growth Arizona has been experiencing.

This isn’t about fleeting market spikes or speculative bubbles.

It’s about a solid, sustained expansion driven by fundamental factors that make Arizona an investment hotspot unlike any other.

From its burgeoning tech sector to its appeal as a top-tier tourist destination, Arizona’s growth narrative is diverse and dynamic, setting the stage for the remarkable investment opportunities we’ll explore.

Arizona’s STR Market: Seizing Growth Amidst a Booming Landscape

Population and Talent Surge: With Arizona’s population projected to grow from 7.2 million to 8.2 million by 2023, the influx of residents and a highly educated talent pool—bolstered by ten colleges in Maricopa County alone—set a fertile ground for STR investments. This rapid demographic and intellectual capital expansion positions Arizona, especially areas like Sedona and Phoenix, as prime markets for STR opportunities.

Unmatched Urban Growth: The state’s acceleration is underscored by having five of the 15 fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Phoenix, in particular, has become a magnet for global corporations, startups, and legacy companies, further enhancing its attractiveness for STR investments. Unlike many cities that experienced population declines during the pandemic, Phoenix’s growth trend provides a stable foundation for the STR market.

Natural and Governmental Advantages: Arizona’s unique appeal is fortified by its resilience to natural disasters, with only brief monsoon thunderstorms presenting the most notable weather events. Coupled with governmental investments in public safety, transportation, and recreational facilities, the state not only attracts but retains a vibrant community conducive to a thriving STR market.

A Booming Real Estate Market: Arizona’s real estate market benefits directly from these fundamentals, with a growth rate of 1.05% annually and an impressive 14.26% since 2010. This growth has naturally cascaded into the STR sector, providing a robust platform for investors looking to capitalize on the demand for temporary lodging fueled by Arizona’s increasing population and tourist appeal.

  • Sedona Retreat: A Sedona property, purchased for $550,000 with modest rehabilitation costs, generated significant monthly cash flow between $4,500 and $6,000. It later sold for $850,000, highlighting the lucrative potential of STRs in high-demand tourist destinations.
  • Phoenix Urban Oasis: A residential property in Phoenix was transformed into a profitable STR, purchased for $221,000 plus rehabilitation, and produced consistent monthly cash flow before selling at a significant profit, showcasing the urban STR market’s robust returns.
  • Commercial Conversion: A commercial property in a strategic location, bought for $200,000 and rehabbed for $150,000, was turned into a high-yielding STR, later sold for $440,000, demonstrating the diverse opportunities within Arizona’s STR landscape.

These examples underscore the exceptional opportunities awaiting investors in Arizona’s STR market, driven by the state’s dynamic growth, appealing lifestyle, and solid market fundamentals. As the sector continues to expand, the time to seize these opportunities is now, promising unparalleled wealth accumulation for those ready to dive into Arizona’s STR investment scene.

There are dozens & dozens of more such examples in our Multi-Family Investing Secrets Facebook Group… along with some breakthrough revelations in my “Insider’s Vault” (that you can get FREE access too along with this report).
But I believe that in the years to come, we are going to see some returns that will eclipse the results that have just taken place.
And in this report, I want to talk about the catalysts of this lucrative investing environment in Arizona.

Example Property 1

Example Property 2

✔ Multi-family property on Ocotillo Rd, Phoenix, purchased for $333,000 (+$53k rehab costs), sold later for $550,000. $164,000 profit made on the sale.
✔ Phoenix residential property purchased in 2019 for $221,000 (+$125k rehab costs) producing $1200/month cash flow, later sold for $407,500 in 2022 with an 18% cash-on-cash return.
In fact, early this year, I started a private group where I’ve been advising folks on the best way to invest in the Arizona market…
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We’re studying markets and census reports to make informed decisions regarding our investments…

We share a wide variety of “hidden-from-the-public” information with each other, which helps us make the right moves in the market.

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These kinds of opportunities have resulted in returns like

✔ 383% Gains: Sedona property delivers 383% Cash on Cash Return.

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✔ 46% Return in 1 year Mesa property delivers $71,000 profit within one year (46% gains).

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– Chad McMahan


Chad McMahan has over 25 years of experience in real estate investment, including investment specialization as a top real estate agent in Sedona, Arizona, where he consults for investors, other real estate agents, and property managers regarding market adjustments, cash flow, and investment strategy as well as changes to Arizona real estate law.

When not working, Chad, his wife, and two sons often adventure throughout Arizona, Wildcrafting, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and lake freediving.

Chad was born and raised in California. In his early youth, he was an ocean rat; He was a junior lifeguard and spent weekends fishing off Catalina Island and free-diving for abalone and lobsters.

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